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Emily Bock

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Factors When Considering an Agricultural Drainage System

Drainage of excess soil water is essential to
sustainable agronomic production on many soils in
the Mid-Atlantic region. Drainage can improve crop
yields, reduce year-to-year yield variability, and
provide trafficable conditions for field operations at
critical times of planting or harvest. Drainage system
design and management can impact crop production
and have environmental consequences. This fact
sheet presents the benefits and potential consequences
of artificially draining agricultural land, the steps
to follow when considering a drainage system, and
some aspects of proper drainage system operation and

Feb 23, 2017 BSE-208P
Hydrology Basics and the Hydrologic Cycle

 This fact sheet presents and explains some common concepts in hydrology and the hydrologic cycle. The science or study of hydrology focuses on the distribution, occurrence, circulation, and properties of water in the environment. At its most basic level, hydrology is often defined as the study of water; however, basic concepts in hydrology quickly become complex as they are applied to real-world systems to understand and predict what is occurring. This fact sheet summarizes these complex relationships and highlights important applications of hydrologic concepts in agroecosystems, including conservation of soil water in the vadose zone1 to support crop production and water quality

Nov 9, 2015 BSE-191P
Soil and Soil Water Relationships

This publication presents and discusses concepts that are fundamental to understanding soil, water, and plant relationships and the soil water balance. Knowledge about soil water relationships can inform the decision-making process in agricultural operations or natural resource management, such as determining what crops to plant, when to plant them, and when various management practices should be scheduled. Understanding these concepts is useful for addressing both agronomic and policy issues related to agricultural water management. 

Mar 22, 2016 BSE-194P