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Keith Burgess

Title Summary Date ID Author(s)
2007 Virginia On-Farm Corn Test Plots May 1, 2009 424-038-07
2009 Virginia On-Farm Corn Test Plots

The research and demonstration plots discussed in this publication are a cooperative effort by thirteen Virginia Cooperative Extension Agents and Specialists, numerous producers, local soil and water conservation districts, and many members of the agribusiness community. The fieldwork and printing of this publication is mainly supported by the Virginia Corn Check-Off Fund through the Virginia Corn Board. Anyone who would like a copy should contact their local extension agent, who can request a copy from the Northumberland County Extension office.

Jan 27, 2010 3001-1434
2010 Virginia On-Farm Corn Test Plots Dec 21, 2010 3012-1521
Tips for Profitable Variety Selection: How to Use Data From Different Types of Variety Trials

Selecting an appropriate, high-yielding variety is one of the most important management decisions that producers make. Yield potential is clearly important, but the decision is complicated by such factors as the cropping system, the need for disease resistance, end-use quality goals, year-to-year climatic variation, and the need to select multiple varieties in order to reduce risk by spreading out flowering and maturity dates.

Jul 29, 2011 424-040
Virginia On-Farm Corn Test Plots 2006 May 1, 2009 424-038-06