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Kathleen Crandall

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Easy Keepers: Managing Horses Prone to Obesity

“Easy Keepers” are horses that will maintain or even gain weight under conditions where other horses will lose weight. They are often considered a pleasure to own because they need less feed to maintain an appropriate body condition; however, these horses can easily become obese, which leads to other potentially life-threatening conditions. The challenge becomes meeting their nutritional needs in protein, vitamins, and minerals, without over-feeding calories.

May 1, 2009 2805-1002
Nutritional Supplementation for Horses on Pasture in Virginia

Horse owners are becoming more educated about pasture management and forage selection. As a result, they are improving the quality of the forages their horses are grazing. Yet, even when a pasture is well managed, horses may require nutritional supplementation to meet their needs.

May 1, 2009 406-477