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Jeffrey Derr

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Plant Injury From Herbicide Residue

In recent years, an increased number of cases of
injury from herbicide residue in straw/hay, manure,
and compost have been diagnosed in the Virginia
Tech Plant Disease Clinic. Growers are surprised and
dismayed to learn that manure, straw, mulch, or other
amendments intended to improve their garden or
landscape might have such unforeseen consequences.
Of particular concern to organic growers are herbicide

Aug 22, 2016 PPWS-77P
Stinger Registered For Virginia-Grown Strawberries

The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the EPA have approved a state label for use of Stinger (clopyralid) on strawberries grown in Virginia.

Jul 28, 2009 2906-1346
Weed Control in Hops Mar 11, 2015 ANR-144NP
Weed Management Update in Small Fruit

One question that I have frequently received this year, just like last year, concerns the availability of Surflan (common name oryzalin). Surflan is a commonly-applied preemergence herbicide for control of annual grasses like crabgrass and foxtail, along with certain annual broadleaf weeds like chickweed, pigweed, and lambsquarters.

Jul 24, 2009 2906-1328