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Trent Jones

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The demonstration and research plot results discussed in this publication are a cooperative effort by seven Virginia Cooperative Extension agents, extension specialists from Virginia Tech, and an associate professor at the Virginia State University School of Agriculture. We are proud to present this year’s onfarm small grain plot work to you. We hope the information in this publication will help farmers produce a profitable crop in 2016.

Aug 12, 2015 ANR-159NP
2015 Virginia On-Farm Corn Test Plots

The research and demonstration plots discussed in this publication are a cooperative effort by eight Virginia Cooperative Extension employees, a faculty member at Virginia State University, numerous producers, and many members of the agribusiness community.  The field work and printing of this publication are mainly supported by the Virginia Corn Check-Off Fund through the Virginia Corn Board.  Anyone who would like a copy should contact their local extension agent, who can request a copy from the Essex County Extension office.

Dec 14, 2015 ANR-172NP
2015 Virginia OnFarm Soybean Test Plots

These demonstration and research plot results are a collaborative effort of Virginia Cooperative

Extension (VCE) Agents and Specialists, area producers, and agribusiness. The purpose of this publication is to provide research based information to aid in the decision making process for soybean producers in Virginia. It provides an unbiased evaluation of varieties, management practices, and new technologies through on farm replicated research using producer equipment and time. These experiments enable producers to make better management decisions based on research and provide greater opportunities to improve yields and profits, which improves quality of life for them and their families.

Jan 25, 2016 ANR-177NP
2016 Virginia On-Farm Wheat Test Plots

2015-16 was a tough year for wheat. Above normal temperatures in March resulted in wheat that was approaching the boot stage when a freeze hit on April 6th. Almost all fields were affected to some degree with some fields experiencing very significant tiller death. See figure 1. Some varieties were affected more than others. The freeze was followed by dry conditions and then very wet conditions in May. The result was a poor crop overall.

Aug 10, 2016 ANR-217NP
Virginia On-Farm Soybean Test Plots 2016 Jan 13, 2017 ANR-244NP