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Enterprise Budgets

Title Summary Date ID Author(s)
2007 Virginia Farm Business Management Crop Budget

The budgets in this publication have been developed by the Virginia Cooperative Extension Farm Business Management Agents* for the major crops and livestock enterprises in Virginia. These budgets show the projected costs and returns for the production of these enterprises in a given situation.

Input data for the budgets are based on information from a number of sources such as farm records, personal contact with individual farmers, farm supply businesses, Virginia Tech research, Extension agents and plain old practical experience.

While every attempt is made to make the budgets realistic, the users should realize that they are "typical" or "average" in nature rather than fitting any given farm situation. Thus, users of these budgets would be expected to modify them to better fit their particular operation.

May 1, 2009 446-047
2011 Virginia Farm Business Management Livestock Budgets May 1, 2011 446-048
2014 NASS Cropland and Pastureland Rental Rates May 4, 2015 AAEC-91NP
Assessing the Economic Feasibility of Growing Specialized Apple Cultivars for Sale to Commercial Hard Cider Producers Sep 30, 2013 AREC-46P
Cultchless (Single-Seed) Oyster Crop Budgets for Virginia: 2013 User Manual Aug 13, 2013 AAEC-40P