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Tom Kuhar, Entomologist, VT Eastern Shore AREC

Here are several new insecticide labels and label changes that have occurred recently for vegetable and field crop production in Virginia. Virginia Tech and I neither endorse any of the products mentioned nor discriminate against others. As always, you must obtain a copy of and carefully read all updated pesticide labels before applying any pesticide products.

  1. A new 2EE label for use of Vydate L in drip irrigation applications has just been released. This label combines Vydate L with soil treatment products as a Methyl Bromide replacement program. You will see several new crops and a foliar insect added to this label. For more information or a copy of the label please contact DuPont Crop Protection (888-6-DUPONT) or
  2. The fermentation insecticide, spinosad was given organic status by the USDA - National Organic Program back in the summer of 2002. The Entrust 80W and GF-120 Fruit Fly Bait are now OMRI approved organic formulations. Entrust 80W - includes crops from the SpinTor, Tracer, and Success labels. The label has been sent to all states for registration. Entrust 80W is available in 1 lb bags and will cost approximately $350 per lb. Product will be available sometime in mid-April, 2003.

    GF-120 NF - is the organically certified fruit fly bait. GF-120 is available in 1 gallon and 55 gallon drums and will cost $60 per gallon. For more information or a copy of the labels please contact Dow AgroSciences website at
  3. Syngenta Crop Protection has received final approval for the additions of the following crops to the Warrior label: fruiting vegetables - peppers (bell and non-bell added); legume vegetables (edible podded, shelled, or dried beans and peas; pome fruits including apples and pears; and tobacco. For more information or a copy of the label please contact Syngenta at
  4. A supplemental label that includes cucurbit vegetables and fruiting vegetables for the Homopteran feeding disrupter product, Fulfill, is now available in Virginia. For more information or a copy of the label please contact Syngenta at
  5. A new label for the pyrethroid insecticide, Baythroid 2, is available that has added corn, soybeans, lettuce, and cole crops. For more information or a copy of the label please contact Bayer CropScience at
  6. FMC just released a new label for the pyrethroid insecticide, Capture 2E (bifenthrin). Tomatoes are added to the label. Contact FMC company if you have any questions or for a copy of the label. (, 1-888-593-6224)


Originally printed in Virginia Vegetable, Small Fruit and Specialty Crops – March-April 2003.

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July 27, 2009