Resources by Crystal Smith

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Common Plants Causing Toxicity to Horses in Virginia Aug 3, 2009
Pre-Response Plan Aug 27, 2009 2908-1406
Horse Emergency Go Kit Aug 27, 2009 2908-1407
On Farm Mortality Disposal Options for Livestock Producers
All livestock producers at some point are faced with decisions regarding how to dispose of livestock mortality from their farm. Each option has its own benefits and limitations based on accessibility, regulatory restrictions, expense, and biosecurity concerns. Livestock producers should also know that it is their responsibility to dispose of dead animals within 48 hours by one of the approved methods highlighted below. There are approved and preferred methods of animal mortality management according to the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Farmers should choose the option that best suits their farm’s mortality disposal needs.
Jul 31, 2013 2909-1412 (ANR-77NP)
Horse Manure Management May 1, 2009 406-208