Resources by Rod R. Youngman

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Compact Soil Sampling Strategy for White Grubs
Annual white grubs (WG) are early-season pests attacking corn seeds and seedlings
Jun 30, 2011 2802-7027
Japanese Beetle
The Japanese beetle is found throughout Virginia and in most of the Eastern United States. In regions west of the Mississippi it is found in isolated pockets. Japanese beetles were first found in New Jersey in 1916 and have spread from that point since. The Japanese beetle has been well established in Virginia since the early 1970’s.
Dec 11, 2014 2902-1101 (ENTO-97NP)
Successful No-Tillage Corn Production Jul 29, 2009 424-030
Aphids in Virginia Small Grains: Life Cycles, Damage and Control
Four species of aphids attack small grains in Virginia — greenbug, corn leaf aphid, bird cherry-oat aphid, and English grain aphid. In general, these aphids are small pear-shaped insects (1/16 to 1/8 inch long) that are green to nearly black, or sometimes pinkish in color. Immature aphids look just like adults except smaller. Both winged and wing-less forms can occur in the same colony. All grain aphids have a pair of conicles, tailpipe-like projections, on the top side of the tail end. Aphids feed singly or in colonies on upper and lower leaf surfaces and stems. They feed near plant bases when plants are young or during cold weather, and on upper-canopy leaves, stems, and even grain heads later in the season.
Nov 13, 2014 444-018
Bluegrass Billbug Pest Management in Orchardgrass Jul 1, 2010 444-040
Hunting Billbug Pest Management in Orchardgrass Jul 1, 2010 444-041
Japanese Beetle in Field Corn May 1, 2009 444-106
Root-knot Nematode in Field Corn May 1, 2009 444-107
Asiatic Garden Beetle in Field Corn May 1, 2009 444-108
Slugs in Field Corn May 1, 2009 444-109
Cabbage and Seedcorn Maggot May 1, 2009 444-231
European Corn Borer May 1, 2009 444-232
Using Pitfall Traps to Monitor Insect Activity May 1, 2009 444-416
Environmental Best Management Practices for Virginia's Golf Courses Feb 27, 2013 ANR-48NP
Sugarcane beetle in corn Jun 28, 2012 ENTO-13NP