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Image Jeff Jones 2
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones (M.S. ’74; Ph.D. ’80) was awarded the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences 2010 Outstanding Departmental Alumni Award. Refer to “Alumni Spotlight ” on the first page of this newsletter for more details.
Image Selester Bennett
Selester Bennett
Selester Bennett was posthumously awarded the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences 2010 Outstanding Recent Alumni Award; he passed away before submitting his dissertation. Selester co-founded two companies, Nature Diagnostics Inc. and Applied Food Technologies LLC, which developed molecular diagnostic solutions for food marketing applications. In 2005, Selester co-founded Nature West Inc., a biotech company with a mission to fully exploit the chemical biodiversity of plants to fill critical needs in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, agrochemical, and therapeutic markets.Faculty
Image Jon Eisenback
Jon Eisenback
Jon Eisenback, professor, took home first prize for his logo design for the APS Potomac Division at its annual meeting.Elizabeth Grabau, professor and department head, and Patrick Phipps , professor emeritus, co-authored a Phytopathology Editor’s Pick article for July 2011 (101:786-793): “Sclerotinia blight resistance in Virginia-type peanut transformed with a barley oxalate oxidase gene.” Darcy Partridge-Telenko and Jiahuai Hu (Ph.D. ’07) were postdoctoral research associates on this research and co-authors of the publication.Boris Vinatzer, associate professor, was co-author of the July 2011 Phytopathology Spotlight, Open Access Article (101:847-858): “Multilocus sequence typing of Pseudomonas syringae sensu lato confirms previously described genomospecies and permits rapid identification of P. syringae pv. coriandricola and P. syringae pv. apii causing bacterial leaf spot on parsley.” Christopher Clarke and Rongman Cai , Ph.D. candidates in the Vinatzer lab, are co-authors of the publication.
Image Steve Rideout
Steve Rideout
image schmale
David Schmale
Steve Rideout and David Schmale were promoted to associate professor.
Shawn Askew, associate professor, was the invited speaker at the 2010 Korean Pesticide Science Society meeting in Daejeon, South Korea. His graduate students, Angela Post and Brendan McNulty , gave presentations on their herbicide research.
The following PPWS scholarships were awarded in Fall 2010:
Christopher Clarke and Adam Smith were each awarded the Bruce W. Perry Scholarship. 
Gunjune Kim was awarded the Chester L. Foy Scholarship. 
Jeremy Yan was awarded the Hatzios Crop Protection Scholarship and the Hatzios Weed Science Graduate Scholarship. 
Ryan Anderson received the PPWS 2011 Arthur J. Webber Outstanding Graduate Student Award.
Image Juba
Nicole Juba, 2010 Arthur J. Webber Award recipient, presents the 2011 award to Ryan Anderson.
Gunjune Kim won the graduate student oral competition, and Megan LeBlanc won the graduate student poster competition at the 11th World Congress on Parasitic Plants, held in Martina Franca, Italy.  Sasha Marine and Lynn Rallos were both awarded first place in the 2011 American Phytopathology Society Potomac Division student paper competition for their contributed papers: “Stability of QoI Resistance in Grape Powdery Mildew” and “Seasonal Distribution of SI Fungicide Resistance in Apple Scab in Virginia,” respectively.
Image Marine & Rallos
Sasha Marine (left) and Lynn Rallos with their first-place awards for the APS Potomac Division student paper competition.

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September 7, 2011