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Thirteen PPWS graduate students and four faculty members participated in the second annual Agricultural Research and Extension Center-Ag Industry Tour on August 17-19, 2010. The group visited the Shenandoah Valley, Alson H. Smith Jr., Eastern Virginia, and Southern Piedmont ARECs.

They were able to see many common plant pathogens that Virginia growers must manage in their operations. Agricultural production facilities and farms participating in the tour included an apple processing plant at Bowman Fruit Sales, Chateau O’Brien Winery and Vineyard, soybean fields at Montague Farms, Felker and Turner tobacco farms, and tobacco curing facilities at Clary Farm. Montague Farms was a great example of using state-of-the-art technology for planting and crop protection, as well as marketing an unusual, small seed variety of soybean for the Japanese market.

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Tour group participants pictured in front of a Pittsylvania County tobacco field. From left, Brendan McNulty, Professor Erik Stromberg, Professor John McDowell, Ryan Anderson, Nicole Juba, Devdutta Deb, Professor Chuck Johnson, Megan LeBlanc, Shelley Moore, Christopher Clarke, Jeremy Yan, Assistant Professor Eva Collakova, Lynn Rallos, Wei Hao, Yihua Fang, and Shi Yu. (Photographer Gunjune Kim is not pictured.)

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September 7, 2011