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Charles R. O'Dell, Extension Specialist, Horticulture, and Diane Relf, Extension Specialist, Horticulture, Virginia Tech


Vegetable VarietyRemarksResistant to the Following
Jersey Giant F1 (2-3 years) furasium crown and root rot, rust
Jersey Gem F1 (2-3 years)  
Bean, Bush
Roma II (59) mosaic, mildew mosaic
Dwarf Horticultral (65)shell beans 
Derby (55) NY 15 and common mosaic
Slenderette (55)canningmosaic
Kentucky Wonder 125 (60)bush, with pole bean flavormosaic, mildew
Beans, Lima
Bridgeton (65) downy mildew
Jackson Wonder (65) heat and drought
Fordhook 169 (75) downy mildew (races A,B,&D)
Ruby Queen (65)  
Detroit Dark Red (60)  
Packman (60)for early cropheat
Windsor (66)for fall crop (and spring in mtns)heat - downy mildew
Green Goliath (80)bears over long period 
Brussels Sprouts
Jade Cross (110)  
Gourmet (70) yellows
Stonehead (75) yellows
Dynamo AAS (68)longstandingbacterial spot (2# dwarf heads)
Guardian (80) black rot
Two Season (85)Chinese cabbage 
*Gold King (72)nearly coreless 
Danvers (72)  
Imperator (78)  
Candid Charm (65)early spring or fall, self blanching (wrapper leaves protect head)more heat tolerant
White Sails (55)more heat tolerant
Corn, Sweet
Silver Princess (73)early maturing 
Breeders Choice (68)good husk protection 
Silver King (82)earlier white, tough huskbirds
Argent (86) "Improved Silver Queen"  
Golden Queen (95)  
Dasher II (60)slicinganthracnose, leaf spot, mosaic mildew, scab
Everslice (60)slicingsame as Dasher II
Bush Whopper (68)slicinganthracnose, leaf spot, mildew
Sweet Slice (65)slicingmosaic, downy mildew
County Fair (55)pickling and slicinganthracnose, leaf spot, mosaic, scab, mildews, cucumber beetles/bacterial wilt
Mission Bell (95)oval shape 
Black Knight (110)  
Little Fingersslender, oriental type 
Vates Dwarf Blue (55)spring or fall 
Dwarf Siberian (80)overwinter 
Salad Bowl (50)leaf 
Summer Time (72)head, heat tolerant 
Mission (80) (Trial)  
Dark Green Boston (70)loose heading, heat tolerant 
Parris Island Cos (75)Romaine, heat tolerant 
Buttercrunch (65)Bibb-type 
Ambrosia (82)fine flavorpowdery and downy mildew, fusarium wilt
Apollotolerates powdery mildew & fruit spot 
*Short'n Sweet (85)very dwarf vines 
Athena (87)unique sweet taste, good keeper, large, p. mildew tolerantfusarium wilt
Tendergreen F1 (40)  
Southern Giant Curled (45)  
Annie Oakley (50)spineless 
Clemson Spineless (45)  
White Portugal (100)white 
Sweet Sandwich (105)start seed in Jan.; Vadalia-type brown 
Ebenezer (110)brown, stores well after curing 
Mustand (110)  
Knight (56) (early)tolerates heat, stringless!fusarium wilt
Sugar Snow (70) (snap)tolerant of downy mildew and fusarium wiltfusarium wilt
Wando (68)edible pod, flat, snow pea 
Green Arrow (70)  
Dwarf Gray Sugar (68) fusarium wilt
Peas, Southern
Queen Anne (56)  
Purple Hull Crowder (60-70)  
Lady Bell (110)sweetdrought, mosaic
Boydton Bellsweet, early compact plant, green bell turns bright redbacterial leaf spot (races 1,2,&3)
Mucho-Nacho (100)  
Huge Jalapenoshotviruses
Red Cayenne (110)hot 
Potato, Irish
Steuben (eastern Va) (100)red 
Superior (eastern Va) (100)high flavor, mosaic, late blight, 
Pontiac (100)stores well 
Yukon gold (western Va) (112)western VA on S or SE slopesuses 1/2# gypsum per pound of seed potatoes in-furrow to Black Heart
Potato, Sweet
Centennial (120)  
Jewel (120)  
Baker (120)  
Magic Lantern (100)12-15" carvingpowdery mildew
Merlin (100)12-15" carvingpowdery mildew
Howden Biggielarge, uniform to 5# 
We-Be-Littlesmall, uniform for pre-schoolers 
Jack-Be-Littlevery small, ornamental 
Cherry Belle (24)round, red 
Icicle (30)long, white 
Melody (50)tolerates heat 
Vienna (80)seed late Sept. for overwintering, for March/April harvests 
Squash, Summer
Butterbar (50)yellow 
Superpik (50)yellow, early, heavy, crown setmultiple viruses
Goldrush (50)yellow zucchini 
Puma Fi (50)green zucchinimultiple viruses
Squash, Winter
*Table Ace (80)acorn 
*Butterbush (96)butternut 
Waltham Butternut (96)white 
Buttercup (100)whitesquash borer
Swiss Chard
Rhubard (50)red 
Lucullus (45-55)green 
Big Beef (AAS) (73)excellent flavor, large, earlyfusarium wilt, veric, leaf spots, TMV virus
Mountain Springconcentrated set, good canning, excellent flavorvericillium, fusarium wilt
Celebrity (70) vericillium, fusarium wilt
Better Boy VFN (105)  
Sweet 100 (65)cherry tomatoverticillium, fusarium wilt
Plum Dandy (Roma type)plum, top flavor, yields 
Tokoyo Cross (40)white, fall 
Purple Top White globe (55)fall crop only 
All top F1 (45)for greens only 
Petite Sweet (80)8 pounds 
*Sugar Bush (75)10 poundsanthracnose and fusarium wilt
Starbrite (90)25-30 pounds 
Chifton Seedless Yellow (86)12 poundssame as above, extra flavor
The Heart Series (Jack, Queen, & King of Hearts) (80)10-18 lbs., seedless, crisp, extra sweet (Jack of Hearts is smallest)anthracnose, furasium wilt, and hollow heart (OK)
*These varieties specifically bred for minimum space requirements, as for urban or high density plantings. Your Extension agent can advise you of sources of supply for new varieties.
**Numbers in parentheses indicate time, in days (unless otherwise stated) till beginning of harvest period.


Reviewed by Alan McDaniel, Associate Professor, Horticulture

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Issued in furtherance of Cooperative Extension work, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Virginia State University, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture cooperating. Edwin J. Jones, Director, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg; M. Ray McKinnie, Administrator, 1890 Extension Program, Virginia State University, Petersburg.

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May 1, 2009