Resources for Commercial Horticulture

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New Primocane Raspberry Experiences and Potentials - Update for Year 2002 Jul 23, 2009 2906-1321
Establishing and Managing Caucasian Bluestem May 1, 2009 418-014
Vegetables Recommended for Virginia May 1, 2009 426-480
Small Fruit in the Home Garden
As a general rule, plant selection and production area in a home garden should be limited to what you can properly care for. It is better to have a small, welltended planting area rather than a large, neglected one. Small fruits offer certain advantages over fruit trees for home culture because small fruits require less space for the amount of fruit produced, and they bear fruit one or two years after planting. Success with small-fruit planting will depend on the attention given to all phases of production, including crop and variety selection, site selection, soil management, fertilization, pruning, and pest management.
Oct 13, 2016 426-840 (HORT-216P)
String Trellising of Tomatoes to Improve Quality and Profits May 1, 2009 438-017
Hill System Plastic Mulched Strawberry Production Guide for Colder Areas May 1, 2009 438-018
Specialty Crop Profile: Ribes (Currants and Gooseberries) May 1, 2009 438-107