Resources for Turf

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Compact Soil Sampling Strategy for White Grubs
Annual white grubs (WG) are early-season pests attacking corn seeds and seedlings
Jun 30, 2011 2802-7027
Low-Maintenance Turfgrass Evaluation, 2008 Report May 1, 2009 2901-1080
Sod Source Selection, Installation, Maintenance, and Producers in Virginia
While high-quality sod is available outside of the VCIA-certified sod program, the consumer is encouraged to be aware of factors that are important in determining sod quality. Quality sod contains excellent turf varieties with good sod strength (i.e., easy to handle for both harvest and installation) and has no serious insect, weed, or disease problems.
Feb 19, 2016 418-040 (CSES-151P)
Agronomy Handbook, 2000 May 1, 2009 424-100
Best Management Practice Fact Sheet 3: Grass Channels Sep 6, 2013 426-122 (BSE-88P)
Fertilización del Césped en Virginia Jan 20, 2017 430-011s (CSES-166P)
Urban Nutrient Management Handbook Apr 28, 2011 430-350
Nutrient Management for Golf Courses May 1, 2009 430-399
Nutrient Management for Lawn Service Companies May 1, 2009 430-400
Characterization of Turfgrass Nutrient Management Practices in Virginia May 1, 2009 430-401
Mowing To Recycle Grass Clippings: Let the Clips Fall Where They May! May 1, 2009 430-402
Winter Management and Recovery Tips to Optimize Athletic Field Safety and Performance for Spring Sports Nov 2, 2009 430-408
Fall Lawn Care
The fall season is an important transition period of turfgrass growth and development, and the management of your warm- and cool-season grasses at this time of year means a great deal in terms of anticipated success in your lawn the following spring.
Jul 2, 2015 430-520(CSES-109P)
Maintenance Calendar for Warm-Season Lawns in Virginia Feb 25, 2016 430-522 (CSES-152P)
Maintenance Calendar for Cool-Season Turfgrasses in Virginia Feb 3, 2016 430-523 (CSES-153NP)
Spring and Summer Lawn Management Considerations for Cool-Season Turfgrasses May 1, 2009 430-532
Spring and Summer Lawn Management Considerations for Warm-Season Turfgrasses May 1, 2009 430-533
Lawn Moss: Friend or Foe? May 1, 2009 430-536
Soil Sample Information Sheet for Golf Courses and Industrial Lawns Jun 23, 2017 452-128(CSES-187NP)
Soil Test Note 17: Lawn Fertilization for Cool Season Grasses May 1, 2009 452-717
Soil Test Note 18: Lawn Fertilization for Warm Season Grasses May 1, 2009 452-718
Pest Management Guide: Field Crops, 2018 Mar 1, 2018 456-016 (ENTO-239P)
Pest Management Guide: Horticultural and Forest Crops, 2018 Mar 21, 2018 456-017 (ENTO-240P)
Pest Management Guide: Home Grounds and Animals, 2018
This 2018 Virginia Pest Management Guide provides the latest recommendations for controlling diseases, insects, and weeds for home grounds and animals. The chemical controls in this guide are based on the latest pesticide label information at the time of writing. Because pesticide labels change, read the label directions carefully before buying and using any pesticide. Regardless of the information provided here, always follow the latest product label instructions when using any pesticide.
Mar 19, 2018 456-018 (ENTO-238P)
Powell River Project - Establishment and Maintenance of Quality Turfgrass on Surface-mined Land Mar 15, 2018 460-127 (CSES-213P)
Environmental Best Management Practices for Virginia's Golf Courses Feb 27, 2013 ANR-48NP
Fertilizer Applicator Certification Training May 4, 2018 ANR-66
Accurate Application and Placement of Chemicals on Lawns Jul 16, 2012 BSE-39NP
2017-2018 Virginia Turfgrass Variety Recommendations
The Maryland-Virginia Turfgrass Variety Recommendation Work Group meets each Spring to consider the previous year’s data from Virginia and Maryland National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) and ancillary trials and to formulate these recommendations. Virginia and Maryland variety recommendations are essentially identical except for specialized grasses and research situations that differ due to adaptation and state regulation.
Jun 30, 2017 CSES-17NP (CSES-195NP)
Optimizing Bermudagrass Athletic Field Winter Survival in the Transition Zone Nov 15, 2017 CSES-200P
A Lawn To Dye For - How to Create a Perfect Lawn: Soil Testing Oct 25, 2012 CSES-34NP
A Lawn To Dye For - How to Create a Perfect Lawn: Watering The Lawn Oct 26, 2012 CSES-35NP
A Lawn To Dye For - How to Create a Perfect Lawn: Dethatching Your Lawn Oct 26, 2012 CSES-36NP
A Lawn To Dye For - How to Create a Perfect Lawn: Lawn Composting Oct 29, 2012 CSES-37NP
A Lawn To Dye For - How to Create a Perfect Lawn: Aerating Your Lawn Oct 29, 2012 CSES-38NP
A Lawn To Dye For - How to Create a Perfect Lawn: Mowing Your Lawn Oct 29, 2012 CSES-39NP
A Lawn To Dye For - How to Create a Perfect Lawn: Fighting Weeds Oct 29, 2012 CSES-40NP
A Lawn To Dye For - How to Create a Perfect Lawn: Choosing The Right Grass Oct 29, 2012 CSES-41NP
A Lawn To Dye For - How to Create a Perfect Lawn: Fighting Lawn Pests Oct 29, 2012 CSES-42NP
A Lawn To Dye For - How to Create a Perfect Lawn: Dealing With Lawn Disease Oct 29, 2012 CSES-43NP
Virginia turfgrass insect management survey Jul 28, 2016 ENTO-219NP
2018-2019 Virginia Turfgrass Variety Recommendations Oct 8, 2018 SPES-66NP
A Spreadsheet-Based Calculator for Lawn Fertilizer and Lime Applications in Virginia - Workbook Sep 17, 2018 SPES-40A