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Peanut Variety & Quality Evaluation Results 2016
Due to suitability to the environmental conditions and existence of a strong peanut industry tailored to process primarily the large-seeded Virginia-type peanut, growers in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina generally grow Virginia-type cultivars. In the view of a common interest in the Virginia-type peanut, the three states are working together through a multi-state project, the Peanut Variety Quality Evaluation (PVQE), to evaluate advanced breeding lines and commercial cultivars throughout their production regions.
Dec 20, 2016 AREC-198NP
2016 Peanut Variety and Quality Evaluation results
Along with agronomic and grade information, data on kernel and pod quality are essential for release of new peanut cultivars to ensure acceptability by the entire peanut trade. The present report contains the quality data collected on 4 Virginia-type cultivars that currently are on the market and 21 advanced breeding lines tested in the Peanut Variety and Quality Evaluation (PVQE) small plots in 2016.
Mar 6, 2017 AREC-208NP
2017 Peanut Variety and Quality Evaluation Results Jan 26, 2018 AREC-231