Resources by Chris Teutsch

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Warm-Season Annual Grasses for Summer Forage May 1, 2009 418-004
The Virginia Alfalfa Variety Report: A Five-year Summary (1999 - 2003) May 1, 2009 418-018
Virginia's Horse Pastures: Grazing Management May 1, 2009 418-101
Virginia's Horse Pastures: Forage Species for Horse Pastures May 1, 2009 418-102
Virginia's Horse Pastures: Forage Establishment May 1, 2009 418-103
Virginia's Horse Pastures: Renovating Old Pastures May 1, 2009 418-104
Maintaining Healthy Horse Pastures May 1, 2009 418-105
Forage Establishment: Getting Off to a Good Start May 1, 2009 418-120
Calibrating Forage Seeding Equipment Dec 10, 2009 418-121
Putting the Punch Back in Your Pastures: Pasture Renovation May 1, 2009 418-134
The Nutritive Value of Common Pasture Weeds and Their Relation to Livestock Nutrient Requirements Aug 6, 2009 418-150
The Virginia Perennial Cool-Season Grass Forage Variety Report: A 3-Year Summary (2002-2004) May 1, 2009 418-200
Creating Silvopastures: Some Considerations When Thinning Existing Timber Stands
Silvopastures intentionally integrate trees with forage and livestock production in a rotational grazing system. These systems have the potential to improve animal comfort, increase farm resource use efficiency, boost income, and mitigate environmental costs.
Sep 30, 2016 CSES-155P
Managing Shrub-Infested, Postmined Pasturelands With Goats and Cattle Part II. Effects on Forage Biomass, Nutritive Values, and Animal Performance Jan 9, 2012 CSES-3
Managing Shrub-Infested, Postmined Pasturelands With Goats and Cattle. Part I: Effect on Botanical Composition and Browse Species Jan 18, 2012 CSES-4
Comparative Nutritional Quality of Winter Crops for Silage Feb 23, 2017 DASC-93P