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Theresa A. Dellinger and Eric Day, Department of Entomology, Virginia Tech

Cover, Banded Ash Borer

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Adult banded ash borers have somewhat cylindrical, elongated bodies ranging from 8–18 mm (0.3–0.7 inches) long and tapered towards the tip of the abdomen. Adults are grayish-black in color with lighter colored hairs all over the body. There is a yellow band on the leading edge of the thorax directly behind the head and several yellow bands across the wing covers. The yellow bands on the leading edge of the wing covers form a looped pattern joined along the midline while the other bands are wavy. The yellow banding pattern is also visible on the underside of the abdomen. Some individuals may have ivory colored bands rather than yellow. The legs and antennae are reddish-brown.

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Publication Date

May 19, 2015