Resources by Brian P. Jones

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Making Replant Decisions for Slug Damaged Corn and Soybean Stands May 14, 2009 2905-1293
Tools to More Efficiently Manage In-Season Corn Nitrogen Needs Sep 2, 2009 2909-1410
A Decision Tool to Compare the Profitability of Utilizing Poultry Litter or Commercial Fertilizer to Meet Soil Test Recommendations Mar 17, 2010 3003-1439
Effects of Twin-Row Spacing on Corn Silage Growth Development and Yield in the Shenandoah Valley Mar 18, 2010 3003-1440
Identifying Soybean Fields at Risk to Leaf-Feeding Insects May 1, 2009 444-203
Soil Test Note 5: Fertilizing With Manures Aug 19, 2009 452-705