Resources by Elizabeth Rucker

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Small Grains in 1998 May 1, 2009 424-001
Virginia Corn Hybrid and Management Trials in 2015
Performance trials of commercial corn hybrids were conducted at six locations in Virginia in 2015. The Mt. Holly location consisted of both an irrigated and non-irrigated test. All locations were planted with a Wintersteiger PlotKing 2600. All locations were harvested with a Massey-Ferguson 8XP plot combine. Yields have been adjusted to 15.5% moisture. Grain test weight, moisture, and plot grain weights were measured with a GrainGauge® manufactured by HarvestMaster. A list of the companies participating in the trials is shown in the above table. All hybrids entered in the Virginia trials were those submitted by commercial companies. The locations at which particular hybrids were entered were specified by the company. Companies entering hybrids were charged a fee for each hybrid per location to support the Virginia Corn Hybrid and Management Trials.
Nov 12, 2015 CSES-149NP
Small Grains in 2017 Jul 28, 2017 CSES-198NP
Virginia Corn Hybrid and Management Trials in 2017 Dec 5, 2017 CSES-206NP